Types of Safety Glass Used in Sliding Doors

1 December 2020
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If you're installing glass sliding doors in your home, you might be concerned about their safety, as standard float glass can be dangerous, especially with children playing in the house. You'll be pleased to know Australian building standards govern sliding glass doors, and they must comply with specific regulations. Laminated Glass Sliding glass doors must use grade A safety glass, one variety of which is the laminated form. This glass consists of two or more glass panes bonded together with a vinyl interlayer. Read More 

How to make your windows bushfire resistant

15 September 2020
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Bushfires are a sad reality that you may need to protect your home against. What action you take will depend upon the threat level in your area. Here are some ways in which you can make your windows bushfire resistant. Install specialist windows This is the most important step. Bushfire windows are available that are made of thick toughened glass that can withstand the heat of the fire. The frames will also be made of a metal such as aluminium which will not burn away. Read More 

Reasons To Install External Double-Glazed Doors In Your Home

22 June 2020
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One way to change the ambience of a home and make it more livable is to open it up by installing extended double-glazed glass doors in a living area, kitchen, bedroom or other space. Here are several reasons to undertake this upgrade. Creates A Brighter Home Sometimes you need to stay at home, working, doing chores or relaxing. On a lovely sunny day, it can be frustrating to be cooped up in a dark house or apartment where you can't appreciate the brightness outside. Read More 

Why Money Spent on Automotive Window Tinting Is Money Gained

22 August 2019
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Most car owners do weekly washing and regular engine tune-ups to ensure the car offers them a safe and smooth ride. However, they know that getting an appealing and sleeker ride has everything to do with the condition of the car's windows. That's why they tint the glass to achieve it. However, window tinting isn't just a cosmetic enhancement procedure. Tinting the windows of your car won't break your bank and the benefits you get cuts across your health, comfort and car's condition. Read More 

Two situations in which you might want to install exterior shutters on your property’s windows

6 December 2018
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There are certain situations in which it is sensible to invest in exterior shutters for your property's windows. Carry on reading to learn more about these situations. You live in a region where storms occur regularly If storms occur regularly in the region in which your home is located, then it might be worth having exterior shutters fitted on each of the windows in your property. The reason for this is as follows; provided the shutters you choose are made from a robust material, they could help to prevent your windows from being shattered during future storms. Read More