Factors to Look into When Purchasing Outdoor Blinds for Your Windows

28 April 2022
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Outdoor blinds have a unique way of adding visual appeal besides offering shade and protecting you from strong weather conditions. In addition, they give you much-desired privacy and peace, especially in a large neighbourhood setting. If you are already knee-deep into brochures trying to figure out what to choose, the tips below will take the stress out to get you the perfect choice.  Prioritise Your Needs The first step to selecting the best outdoor blinds for your windows is defining your needs. Read More 

Four Reasons To Install Aluminium Windows In Children’s Bedrooms

11 February 2022
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Australia's robust real estate market has created a record-high number of renovation permit approvals by councils in the past twelve months. With winter not too far on the horizon, one popular renovation at this time of year is window replacement. Drafty, old windows lead to higher-than-average heating costs. Aluminium windows should be top of your list when considering window replacement options, particularly for children's bedrooms. Here are four reasons you must consider installing this window type in your home. Read More 

Three Major Advantages of Roller Shutters

28 December 2021
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Installing roller shutters on your home can add stylish accents to the facade, or you could blend the shutters with the wall colour. Shutters, though, provide many other benefits besides aesthetic ones. Three major advantages are listed below. Provides Security One of the best aspects of roller shutters is the security they provide. Window glass is typically easy to smash and get past, which is why burglars often target it. Roller shutters cover glass with a metal covering secured to the frame. Read More 

What Are the Benefits of Double-Glazed Doors?

17 September 2021
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Glazed external domestic doors tend to come in one of three forms these days. The first is the most common — the traditional sliding patio door which is relatively inexpensive to manufacture and install. The next is a glazed hinged door. When they are sold in pairs, they tend to be called French doors, but the fact is that all external doorways can be fitted with glazed doors, whether they are a single or a pair. Read More 

Does Your Home Need a Security Door?

18 June 2021
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How safe do you feel in your home? Are you concerned that you could come home to find that intruders have ransacked your property? Home security should be a concern for every homeowner. Doing everything possible to reduce the attractiveness of your property to intruders will involve investing in an alarm system, but that won't activate until an intruder is already on your premises. You will also want to think about fitting locks on your doors and windows, but is there more you can do? Read More